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The fees for the services provided are agreed individually with each client. It's dependent, at least. on: the size of the entity (balance sheet total, revenues from operations, number of employees), type of business, degree of difficulty of the audit.

 Research time


It depends on the size of the company and the complexity of the issues.


The audit is conducted by a statutory auditor or a team also including assistants.

 Scope of research


We encourage the audit of financial statements to be carried out in two stages. We also provide consultations related to the preparation of financial statements.

Based on the conducted research, we will provide you with the following documents:


 a report on the audit of the financial statements prepared by a certified auditor,


 a confidential letter to the management of the audited entity, if the audit findings require it.



We briefly discuss the results of the study and present the recommendations that came to us during the execution of the contract.

General examination


Conducting audit procedures regarding individual items of the financial statements and the correctness of their preparation, as well as proposing possible corrections.

Preliminary examination


Identification and assessment of the risk of material misstatement of the financial statements, through understanding the entity and its environment, including the entity's internal control and the participation of auditors in the inventory.


At this stage, if the entity so wishes, we provide ongoing consultations related to the closing of accounting books.

Audit of financial statements

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trained employees in accounting in companies and institutions


financial research conducted over the last 20 years


companies we supported in the legal and tax field

We are a Company of Statutory Auditors

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We conduct research and reviews of financial statements, and we also advise on accounting and taxes

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We conduct research

financial statements

We conduct audits of financial statements and consolidated financial statements, as well as consultations related to the preparation of reports, documentation, opinions, reports and necessary analyses.

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we advise on accounting and taxes

About our mission

We are present when solving problems


guaranteeing confidentiality and security of the proposed solutions

In our work, we try to combine youthful ingenuity with many years of experience and practice in our profession.


As part of our activities, we offer:

We are a company founded by statutory auditors whose mission is to provide our clients with help and support in important decisions, often resulting from the ambiguity of the interpretation of accounting and tax regulations, as well as to build trust in the audited entities in the eyes of banks, investors and other stakeholders.


We carry out our mission through constant cooperation, and in the case of an audit of financial statements, it is preceded by consultations at the stage of closing the books.


We work on complex problems in teams, ensuring the security of the proposed solutions to our clients in every situation.


We cooperate with statutory auditors, assistants and people preparing to practice as a statutory auditor.

conducting liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings

economic and financial expertise and opinions

division, merger, transformation of economic units

publishing and training activities in the field of accounting

audit and review of financial statements

accounting and tax bookkeeping services

tax consultancy in the field of organization and computerization of accounting

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Regnitum sp. z o. o. is an entity authorized to audit financial statements, registered by the Polish Audit Oversight Agency under number 1538.

Due to his activities, the auditor is insured against civil liability.


The Company's Management Board is managed by Mateusz Jankowski (President of the Management Board, statutory auditor no. 13833) and Krzysztof Jankowski (Vice-President of the Management Board, statutory auditor no. 6928).


All rights reserved. Copying content and photos prohibited. Information obligation before consenting to data processing (see). Implementation:

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“Initially, I was afraid of the complicated procedure and difficulties associated with the liquidation of my company. However, the Regnitum team responsible for managing the process advised and helped me every step of the way. I was impressed by their knowledge and ability to solve even the most difficult problems that arose during the liquidation. Communication with the team was great and I can recommend their services with clear conscience.”


~ Daniel

“I had the pleasure of using the services of a certified auditor and I am very pleased with the results. Mr. Krzysztof, who was our auditor, turned out to be not only an expert in his field, but also a very competent and friendly professional. He was able to answer all our questions and doubts and clearly explain complex issues regarding our finances. His insight and precision were impressive, which benefited us greatly in our company.”


~ Anna

“I am very satisfied with the services of Regnitum auditors. First of all, thank you for your commitment to your work. The certified auditor who handled my case turned out to be a very competent person who carefully analyzed the financial documentation of my company. Additionally, he was able to explain difficult financial concepts to me in a way that I could understand. I recommend."


~ Kazimierz

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