The company

Regnitum LLC is a legal entity entitled to perform audits of financial statements, licensed by The National Chamber of Statutory Auditors with a number of 1538.

Our partnership was established in 1996 and was registered in the 11495 register of companies (RHB) in accord with the ruling of the 12th Department of Court Records of the District Court of Gdańsk with the number of 0000060795.

The initial capital of our company is of 50.000 PLN. It is divided into 100 shares of 500 PLN.

The company's taxpayer identification number NIP 586-16-59-387 was issued on October 14th in 1996 by the 1st Tax Office of Gdynia.

The company was issued an identity number of 191200989 in the National Economy Register (REGON.

Because of the type of the work the auditors are performing, they have an insurance of act-only policy by PZU plc.

We have a one-man board, our director - Krzysztof Jankowski, a statutory auditor, with a license number 6928.



Our company was established by expert auditors. Our main objective is to offer our clients help with difficult financial and legal decisions, whose complexity's source often lies in the ambiguity of accountancy and tax regulations.

We fulfil our task by constant cooperation with our clients. If an examination is to be conducted, we precede it by counsel at the stage of completing the account book.

We are available for our clients when they meet a problem that needs solving. Secrecy and suggestions of safe solutions are guaranteed.


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