Financial audit offer

We present our general offer here. If you are interested in our services, we will specify individual principles of cooperation.

Our services are conducted entirely in compliance with the accountancy law and professional regulations for statutory auditors.

An audit of financial statements is divided into three stages:

      Stage 1

Examination of the organisation of accountancy and the company's internal controls. Inventory, in which the auditors take part. If the examined company wishes so, at this stage we are ready to offer consultancy on the completion of the account books.

      Stage 2

Verification of the financial statement, based on the documents previously discussed with people responsible for the preparation of the statement.

      Stage 3

Suggestions for possible corrections in the presented financial statement.

After an analysis is conducted, we tender the following documents:

A review of the accuracy, thoroughness and clarity of the financial statements and the account books.

A report supplementing the review with important information concerning the examined entity, presenting data to substantiate the review. It contains brief presentations of each aspect of the report. The part that covers the company's financial situation allows an overall assessment.
In this part of the report we present:


Horizontal and vertical analysis of the balance for the period undergoing examination, as well as the two preceding it.

Analysis of the company's financial result and the assessment of each factor affecting it.

A juxtaposition of analytical indicators (profitability, cash flow and solvency).

Information about cash flow in each field of the entity's activity (operational, investment, finances), if due reports are previously prepared.

Assessment of the entity's ability to continue its business activity based on the findings of the examination.


A letter to the company's board, if the findings of the examination require one.

You can send your questionnaire via mail or e-mail: regnitum@wp.pl
Our full address is available in the CONTACT section.


The scope of the examination:

Our suggestion is that the audit is preceded by a preliminary examination. We may also offer a consult on preparation of the financial statement.

The duration of the audit:

It is dependent on the size of the company is and the complexity of the issues concerned.

Financial reward:

We establish individual conditions for each client. It depends on the size of the entity (total assets, the income, the number of employees), the kind of the company's business activity and the complexity of the audit.


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